Multi-day conference with thought leaders in government, private industry, academia, and civil society

In 2017, SPL organized the Global Election Technology (GET) Summit. Over two-days, 200 attendees attended workshops, panels, and speaker events related to technology and democracy in San Francisco, California.

In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and demand for a curated Summit on technology and policy, SPL launched an annual Summit on technology and policy. Renamed the Global Emerging Technology (GET) Summit, the GET Summit now consists of three verticals and lasts four days in a SXSW style event. The verticals for 2018 include Democracy+Civic Participation, the Future of Work, and Transportation. 

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education series

Event series with lightening talks and fireside chats that explore how technology is transforming our cities. 

SPL started by hosting evening events on cutting edge techpolicy issues with Mozilla. These panels eventually led to the Policy Series and a 1000+ community. For 2017-2018, SPL is teaming up with The Atlantic's CityLab to host an event series: Tech,Policy, & Beer (TPB).

The TPB focuses on how technology is transforming how we live, work, and play in cities. Unlike our traditional panel structure, the TPB adopts a tech-cultured approach with lightening presentations, followed by a Q&A, and, of course, beer (or non-alcoholic drinks). The goal is to provide rapid, digestible information for people to engage better with local government and make it better.

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