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Reference Information
State Florida
Summary Government: Prohibits a state agency or political subdivision from using UAS to collect data from privately owned property, including data on owners or tenants, without written consent. Law enforcement may not not use UAS to gather evidence or other information but may use it to counter a high risk terror attack, after obtaining a search warrant, to prevent imminent harm to person or property, imminent escape of a suspect, destruction of evidence, and for search and rescue. UAS may be used to inspect utilities, vegetation, and to perform environmental monitoring or aerial mapping. Evidence collected outside of these exceptions is not admissible.

Commercial: UAS may be used for reasonable business purposes after obtaining permission from the state unless the purposes involve tracking human movements, habits, etc. It is lawful to use UAS to assess property for taxation or to maintain utility facilities.

Law SB 766
Effective Date 07/01/2015
Data Retention No
Tags Law Enforcement, Agencies, Infrastructure