The following is an index of state and agency laws. 

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State Alaska
Summary Government: Requires law enforcement agencies to adopt procedures that ensure: the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration flight authorization is obtained; UAS operators are trained and certified; the flight is approved by the proper authority; the flight is to serve a public purpose; a record is kept of each flight; an auditable flight record including in any changes in documentation made after-the fact; the public is notified of the use of UAS unless there is a safety concern; there is an opportunity for community involvement in the development of the agencies’ procedures. Under the law, police may use UAS pursuant to a search warrant, pursuant to a judicially recognized exception to the warrant requirement and in situations not involving a criminal investigation or gathering information that could lead to evidence in a criminal investigation if this does not constitute unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.
Law HB 255 and HCR 15
Effective Date 10/26/2014
Data Retention Yes
Tags Law enforcement, task force
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State Arkansas
Summary Government: A UAS may be used by the state after consultation with the governor or under contract with the state to conduct surveillance of specific critical infrastructure meaning: an electrical power generation or delivery system; a petroleum refinery; a chemical or rubber manufacturing facility; or a petroleum or chemical storage facility. Other allowed agencies to use UAS include law enforcement, emergency medical service, hazardous materials response team, disaster management, or other emergency management for the purpose of incident command, area reconnaissance, personnel and equipment deployment monitoring, training, or a related purpose.

Private: One may perform surveillance of their own property as owner or tenant, or by a third person retained by the owner.

Commercial: An insurance company may conduct surveillance for the purpose of underwriting or surveying damage for a claim.

Law HB 1770
Effective Date 04/02/2015
Data Retention No
Tags Law enforcement
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State California
Summary Private: Prohibits entering the airspace of an individual in order to capture an image or recording of that individual engaging in a private, personal, or familial activity without permission.
Law AB 856
Effective Date 01/01/2016
Data Retention No
Tags N/A