The following is an index of state and agency laws. 

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State Hawaii
Summary Establishes an advisory board to oversee and manage unmanned aerial systems test site operations composed of the adjuant general, the director of transportation, the director of business, economic development, and tourism, the president of the Univeristy of Hawaii, one member of the business community, two members of the aerospace and avaiation community. Requires the advisory board to hire a Hawaii unmanned aerial systems test site chief operating officer to, among other things, serve on the Pan- Pacific Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Range Complex management team. Appropriates funds to staff and operate Hawaii's unmanned aerial systems test siteactivities.
Law HB 661
Effective Date 07/01/2015
Data Retention No
Tags Task Force
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State Idaho
Summary Government: No state agency can use UAS without a warrant or consent, from the property or farm owner, unless for emergency response, search and rescue, or controlled substance investigation. UAS may not be used by any agency to collect photographs for public dissemination without consent. UAS used in mapping or resource management do not apply to these restrictions.
Law SB 1134
Effective Date 07/01/2013
Data Retention No
Tags Law enforcement, Agencies
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State Illinois
Summary Government: Law enforcement may use UAS when: countering a high risk of a terrorist attack; after obtaining a search warrant; preventing imminent harm or imminent escape of a suspect (for no more than 48 hours and inform the State Attorney of its use within 24 hours); locating a missing person without undertaking a criminal investigation; crime scene or traffic crash photography; and during a public emergency or natural disaster to determine whether or not to declare an emergency, monitor conditions, survey damage, and to coordinate recovery and response efforts. Law enforcement cannot use or request UAS information or data from third parties but it may be voluntarily given by a third party.
Law SB 2937
Effective Date 01/01/2015
Data Retention No
Task Force Yes - SB 0044
Tags Law Enforcement, Task Force
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State Indiana
Summary Government: Requires a law enforcement officer to obtain a search warrant in order to use an unmanned aerial vehicle, with certain exceptions: circumstances that would allow for a warrantless search; substantial likelihood of a terrorist attack; a search and rescue mission; responding to or mitigating a natural disaster; to conduct an environmental or geographical survey not for a criminal justice purpose. These exceptions require the consent of any private property owner. Any image or communication collected with a UAS not in accordance with the exceptions will not be admissible as evidence in a criminal or administrative proceeding. If police seek a warrant to compel information from media entities and personnel, then those individuals must be notified and given the opportunity to be heard by the court concerning issuance of the warrant.

Private: May not conduct surveillance without consent of the property owner.

Law HB 1009
Effective Date 07/01/2014
Data Retention No
Tags Law enforcement
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State Iowa
Summary Government: UAS may not be used for traffic law enforcement. Information collected by UAS is not admissible in court without a search warrant unless collected in a manner consistent with federal or state law.
Law HB 2289
Effective Date 09/01/2014
Data Retention No
Task Force Yes
Tags Law Enforcement, Traffic Control, Task Force