The following is an index of state and agency laws. 

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State Tennessee
Summary Government: Law enforcement and local authorities may use drones to produce maps, survey damage or a catastrophe to determine a state of emergency, protect the public or property, survey damage during a state of emergency, conduct routine air quality sampling and monitoring or at the scene or suspected scene of hazardous materials, suppressing a fire, rescue, port authority security, oil or gas pipeline safety.

Private: makes it a class C misdemeanor for any private entity to use a drone to conduct video surveillance of a person who is hunting or fishing without their consent.

Law SB 1892 and SB 1777
Effective Date 07/01/2014
Data Retention No
Tags Law Enforcement, Agencies
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State Texas
Summary Government: Law enforcement may use UAS: pursuant to a search warrant, in pursuit of a suspect, documenting a crime scene, investigating the scene or traffic accident of a human fatality or on any state or federal highway, in connection with the rescue of a missing person, to conduct a high-risk tactical mission to save human life, on private property open to the public with the owner's consent to public safety activities. Law enforcement or other state agencies may use UAS for: surveying a catastrophe, during a public emergency, air quality sampling, at the scene of a spill of hazardous materials, fire suppression, search and rescue, within 25 miles of the US border, anywhere in a public space from below eight feet, in connection with oil pipeline or rig safety, port authority safety, professional land surveying or engineering.

Private: It is lawful to use UAS when researching with an affiliated institution, mapping, maintaining or repairing utility systems, or with consent of a property owner.

Law HB 2167
Effective Date 09/01/2015
Data Retention No
Tags Law Enforcement, Agencies
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State Utah
Summary Government: Prohibits a law enforcement agency from obtaining data through UAS unless it is pursuant to a warrant or a judicially recognized exception to warrant requirements.
Law SB 0167
Effective Date 09/13/2014
Data Retention Yes (see HB 296)
Tags Law Enforcement