UAS Matrix Defintions

Term Definition
Agencies An organization responsible for the oversight and administration of specific government functions. Examples include: Law Enforcement, Parks and Recreation, and the Department of Transportation
Commercial UAS used in any activity related to the buying or selling of goods. Examples include: real estate agents and paparazzi
Effective Date The date of enforcement by authorities
Government UAS used for any non-recreational or commercial purpose piloted by or under the authority of a government agency
Infrastructure Assets that are essential for the functioning of society. Examples include: power generators, water supply, or gas distribution.
Law Enforcement Police, local authorities, or any system responsible for protecting the public and enforcing the law
Moratorium Suspension of all UAS activity unless otherwise noted
Private Recreational UAS flown or owned by a private citizen not used in commerce or government operations
Registration Registration with the controlling authority is required if a UAS meets certain requirements
Task Force A special committee formed to research and study the problems with current UAS usage and propose solutions
Traffic Control Enforcing driving rules and regulations on roads and highways. Examples include: Speed limit control