Is SPL a political organization?

No. SPL does not engage in political advocacy and has no position on Net Neutrality. We generate independent research that is publicly accessible to all. Our goal is to inform better data-driven policymaking, not to achieve a particular political outcome.  

Why am I receiving multiple surveys if you said I would only receive one?

If you received multiple emails this is because your email was used multiple times to register a public comment to the FCC. SPL did not modify any of the content in order to ensure the integrity of the data.

Why is there no content in the email regarding my comment?

If there was no text in your email regarding the comment you submitted, this is because no content was provided in the submission. SPL did not modify any of the content in order to ensure the integirty of the data.

Emails that are registered with the FCC are publicly accessible as a matter of law. If you received an email, this is because your email was used to submit a comment. This does not mean that you submitted the comment, it means that a comment was submitted on behalf of that email address. SPL sent a survey to all emails that were registered with the FCC to determine how many of those submissions were in fact authentic. 

Where did you get my email address?

Did you receive funding from any third parties for this study?

No. SPL did not receive any outside funding for this research. QuestionPro provided in-kind support by conducting the survey and providing technical advice on the survey's results. Fenwick & West provided pro bono legal support.

Why does this research matter to SPL?

SPL believes it is critically important for democracy that all citizens trust that their voice is being heard and counted. Advances in technology have made it easier for citizens to participate, but have also increased the number and type of threats to the democratic system by malicious actors. The research and lessons from the TiPC Project apply to more than the FCC; the insights can be applied to any governmental agency (Federal, State, or Local) that receives public comments.