STARTUP POLICY LAB promoteS innovation, openness, and data-driven policymaking.


Startup Policy Lab works at the intersection of technology and government. Our mission is to promote innovative, open, and data-driven policymaking. We build tools that improve the decision-making process to better address the opportunities, challenges, and needs of the startup community.


We are academics, engineers, founders, and attorneys. We are passionate about innovation and the creative capacity of the innovation community. And we want to bring that innovation and creativity to policymakers.


Our organic community driven approach is national. With a local presence in San Francisco (HQ), Silicon Valley, New York City, and Washington, D.C., we build a constructive space for those seeking to engage with technology and policy.

Our objective is educate the community and policymakers about the issues at the intersection of technology and policy: educate to inform to empower. Startup Policy Lab does not engage in advocacy to support specific causes, legislation, or candidates.


As innovation spread to all aspects of society, the startup community began to engage with policymakers and regulators in multiple areas at the federal, state, and local level. But there was no forum to bring policymakers and the startup community together in a constructive way. 

In 2013, we launched a Meetup group to connect the startup community with policymakers. Collaborating with partners such as Mozilla, we gave startups an opportunity to learn more about policies in areas like crowdfunding, healthcare, patents, copyright. And we gave policymakers the opportunity to engage directly with the community to learn about their needs.

From those early community driven days, we evolved to become a tech non-profit dedicated to developing tools to scale that engagement. Now we build tools to support policymakers in making the most informed decisions to manage the opportunities, challenges, and needs of the innovation community.