• Runway (map)
  • 1355 Market Street
  • San Francisco, CA

Welcome to Startup Policy Lab’s The Policy Series, sponsored by Runway.

Join us for an stellar panel with thought leaders defining the drone industry.

Who doesn't want a drone delivered burrito? But who's going to set up the air traffic control as thousands of drones fly around? Drones are awesome, but government can't be dismissed: Join us as we talk policy, technology, and innovation in the World of Drones!

Topics for the night include:

  • FAA - friend or foe?
  • Navigating regulations - all you need to know about the upcoming federal, state, and local regulations (will you need a license to fly?).
  • Why government is needed - drones mean things are flying around, how can the government create the ecosystem to support innovation and safety?
  • Investing - what are the unique challenges


Appetizers and libations will be provided.