The CityDrones project provides resources for policymakers and other stakeholders of "best practices" for UAS (drone) policymaking on the local government level, which balances safety and enables innovation. In a new initiative to make information as readily available as possible, content will be published in smaller amounts and in a more digestible manner. Please check back regularly as we continue to update this website.

The following highlights our work with the City of San Francisco. For more information, please visit:

  • Privacy Policy-by-Design Framework (below). We are sharing our approach for policymakers to think through privacy implications when government agencies use drones.
  • UAS Matrix Definitions. We have provided a set of definitions of common words for those new to the industry.
  • Reference Library of UAS State and Local Laws. We have collected UAS laws from around the United States.

Throughout the past year, we've worked with city officials develop a methodology for evaluating potential use cases. The graph below highlights general privacy concerns based on these initial use cases.